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New EP “Acha Bucha” Out Now

acha-bucha-buy-nowAs a kid growing up in Pakistan, almost every time I met an older Pakistani woman she would reach out, grab my cheek, and shake it while saying, “Acha Bucha!” which means good child. The whole experience always shocked me and kind of hurt, leaving a fairly unpleasant memory sitting in my mind. After writing this EP and revisiting those memories so many times, I now feel the love and good intention all those Pakistani women were pinching into me. It was those memories, both good and bad, that became my inspiration for this EP. They had a tremendous effect on my life and shaped the person I am today. Furthermore, I am dedicating this EP to the memory of my brother Kyle who passed away while my family lived in Karachi, Pakistan.

In order to help give back to an area of the world that has deeply impacted my life, I am releasing this EP as a fundraising effort to help build a school in India. My incredible friends have started an organization called Shanti Schools which is dedicated to providing environmentally sustainable, high quality schooling as well as social projects for disadvantaged families around the world. All the proceeds from this EP will go directly to help Shanti Schools build their first school. I want to thank all my friends and family for continuing to dedicate so much of their lives to helping change the world.